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Chromebook or IPad - Which devices should I consider purchasing for my school and why?
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I'll second the response ...

I'll second the response from Tracy.  To way oversimplify it, iPads are great for special ed programs, science stuff, and little kids, and Chromebooks are great for older kids and any program that requires a lot of writing, particularly ones that use the magic of collaborative writing tools.  I should also add that with iPads, you'd better have plenty in the budget.  If not, the iPad isn't your device.

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In my experiences and ...

In my experiences and observations, I see teachers and students using iPads more creatively to create and compose.  It's more seamless to see a teacher raise their level of tech embedded curriculum on the SAMR model using iPads, versus using notebooks.  With a notebook it's often like a laptop, and very traditional.

Having students create a digital story with a camera, using their own photos, is seemless with an iPad.  However writing a more traditional 3 page paper might be less efficient using an iPad.  Instant online access is quick with the iPad.  Formative assessments might serve easier on a Notebook.  

It will start with the purpose of your technology purchase.  Once you have that, you can then think of which technology will best acheive that objective.

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My response to this ...

My response to this question is that it depends on what your purpose is for having a mobile device. iPads might be better for some things, Chromebooks for others. COntent creation in Googl Docs is better on Chromebeooks

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I think this will depend ...

I think this will depend upon which age group you are talking about.  I'm not sure iPads are as beneficial to high school age students as a Chrome book.