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Do you think a school district should require a laptop user fee for staff?

My school district is going to charge teachers a $25 user fee per year, next year, for using the districts' laptops they want us to use.  They want us to be mobile, so desktops are almost a thing of the past for us.  If the fee is not paid, then you cannot take the laptop out of your classroom.    What are your thoughts on this?

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If this policy is actually ...

If this policy is actually implemented, I think there will be a picture of the North Marion School District next to this definition:

"The ridiculous is that which is highly incongruous or inferior, sometimes deliberately so to make people laugh or get their attention, and sometimes unintended so as to be considered laughable and earn or provoke ridicule and derision."

Hold staff accountable for loss or damage, but don't charge a user fee before "Damage or loss" occurs.

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  I have never ...


I have never heard of this, either. Teachers already spend so much extra time at school outside of the paid work day. Laptops make doing that extra work at home nicer. It doesn't seem right to force teachers to pay in order to use and/or take home their school laptop to do work. Teachers have enough obstacles thrown their direction.

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In the Oregon Ed Tech ...

In the Oregon Ed Tech Cadre there is not one other district that has heard of a policy like this.  I appreciate a comment another peer made "do you have to pay a classroom rental fee too?"

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I have never heard of a ...

I have never heard of a school district imposing a fee like this. Seems to be a tax on those teachers who want to integrate technology! 

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I really appreciate the ...

I really appreciate the feedback from folks.  While I agree that this could be a fund for the future, I believe our staff are going to be extremely cautious especially when they find out that their laptop can be looked at at any time because of personal use.  

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I can see a fee that you ...

I can see a fee that you get back at the end of the year.  Or, check you home insurance and see what it covers if you take your laptop at home.  However, BYOD is not only to school but to the office space.  Very recently I was disembarking from the comuter train from Ayer, Massachusetts to Boston, Massachusetts.  Every advertisement board was about Google Apps and specifically the BYOD idea to work. We rode home at rush hour.  90% + of the disembarking persons had either a laptop bag or laptop backpack.  I wonder how many of them were required to pay any sort of a fee to take their laptop home?

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Seems punitive for someone ...

Seems punitive for someone who does a lot of work after hours.  I would counter propose that they triple the fee and require insurance AFTER a staff member comits a technologically neglegent act!

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If districts want teachers ...

If districts want teachers to integrate technology and use it with their staff, then they should encourage teachers to take and use the laptops as much as possible, not discourage them for using the tools necessary. Do they charge a fee to use teacher's manuals to teach as well? 

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I have spent at least 30 ...

I have spent at least 30 well-focused research minutes looking for other districts who are doing/considering this. Found no other district doing this. That should tell you something right there. This  practice does not seem acceptable or rational.

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So just to play the other ...

So just to play the other side of the discussions.  $25 seems like a reasonable rental fee if you use your device both professionally and personally PLUS if there is no damage or loss this could become a fund for furture device or upgrades.