Mobile Learning Q&A

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Does your school have adequate broadband access to support instruction and testing?

Carla and I are getting ready to present at hte Oregon Broadband Commission in 1 1/2 weeks.  Please share with us any stories you have of challenges getting adequate broadband access to support both instruction and testing.  What school/district are you at?  What limitations do you face? How much connectivity can you support at one time? What is the impact on instruction when you have limited connections?

Thank you!  We're hoping to increase support for closing the digital divide.

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With the limited ...

With the limited technology use in our district, we are doing ok.  However, we have a guest user/password.  This is great except it times out.  So, my goal is to start with a BYOD night (I have been working on this all school year) and hopefully move into BYOD in the classroom.  This is difficult with the timeout issue.  However, it might be just fine as the students learn about these issues and learn the skills to work through them.  Just the plus side of learning.  

Roseburg School District

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I feel like we have ...

I feel like we have adequate broadband at Siuslaw.  We do have issues with our web-based grading system though.  Ho HUM!

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