Mobile Learning Q&A

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How are other districts educating students about being responsible users of the Internet and is this a priority in your district?
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I use netsmartz videos and ...

I use netsmartz videos and curriculum. I also use the user agreement provided by edmodo.

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The Common Sense Media ...

The Common Sense Media lessons look pretty teacher friendly.

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I have prepared a third ...

I have prepared a third grade level AUP for my class.  I make sure that I go over this three times during the school year with my students.  I know this piece is not covered adequately with many of my co-teachers.  We do have an AUP for library and media technology.  It is suppose to be covered once at the beginning year by the librarian of the school.

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It is still a ...

It is still a responsiblity that I have as a technology teacher.  The classroom teacher is not responsible for doing this.  I do believe, though, that 5th grade teachers may be doing this in our district as they have a 1-1 iPad deployment.