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How can I motivate teachers to at least try one tech tool in their lessons?

How can I motivate teachers to at least try one tech tool in their lessons?

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Start with the motivated ...

Start with the motivated teachers, and show them the power of the tool to,

1) engage students, or

2) improve the students learning experience.

Consider selecting a tool that supports a current school focus (e.g., learning targets, HOT tasks, student engagement).

Make it fun and meaningful..

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Use their small group ...

Use their small group instructional time and model or suggest a tool to try out.  Small groups can be less intimidating than whole group.  

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Ok.  This might not be a ...

Ok.  This might not be a popular answer.  I am going still going to write it.  Take away the copy machines.  Sorry.  Had to say it.

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Show one techi treat-allow ...

Show one techi treat-allow them to play with it themselves-finally have them create to use that ONE techi in their next lesson. 

I do-we do-you do! 

We used to have a technology group (one teacher from each subject area) who do the model above 5 times a year....then we went backs and taught it to our departments.

good luck!

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By keeping it simple. It ...

By keeping it simple. It really depends on what tech tools and devices you have. If each student has a laptop or mobile device, incorporating a LMS such as edmodo or Schoology is an easy jump. You would have to help them set up their classroom, and then their group. Then they could post a poll or a question to the class and get their responses. That way students can collaborate and see what others think In real time without the pressure of what their neighbors thinks.

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Find a piece of their ...

Find a piece of their standard/required curriculum that they "have" to teach.  Find some way to save them time or be more efficient in the teaching of that piece using technology.  If it can save them time, they'll be hooked and start wondering what else they might be able to use for that purpose.  

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Ask a teacher about a ...

Ask a teacher about a specific goal s/he wants to achieve and then tie the accomplishment of that goal to a specific tech tool you think would help them.  Walk throughs and demos with that goal in mind are very helpful.  While I love technology and work in it all the time, I know that as a teacher I can sometimes be a slow adopter because adding a tool to my toolkit is competing with a lot of other demands for my attention. 

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Go in during your prep (or ...

Go in during your prep (or sub day) and co-teach with them using a tech tool you know well. Demo for them with their students.