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How do I connect to a data projector?
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There are quite a few ways ...

There are quite a few ways that vary in cost and ease of use:

  • Document Camera: great for showing navigations, difficult for moving around the room.
  • Plug it in: ($29): VGA Adapter:  Great if there is no internet. Pain for moving around the room.
  • Mirror: ($10-15): Reflector Software for computer or AirServer: Cost effective and you can display many ipads at the same time.  
  • Airplay: ($99+): Apple TV and HDMI projector:  Need a newer projector.
  • Airplay: ($99+): Apple TV and VGA to HDMI Kanex ATV Pro [sound] ($60 reg, $40 OETC): More expensive but ease of use and clearer image than Reflector).
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CAREFULL!  Many of our ...

CAREFULL!  Many of our districts have trouble with APPLE TV in their buildings.  So, check with someone in the know in your technology dept.  before you spend 100.00 smackeroos!


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Scott and Sean, you are ...

Scott and Sean, you are correct that in some districts/schools sharing via airplay is blocked.  If that is the case AppleTV won't work, but either will the less expensive solution of Refelctor & Airserver via a computer.



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Scott is right - at CU we ...

Scott is right - at CU we have not been able to get Apple TV or Airserver to work.  Part of the reason would be that IT is somewhat anti-Apple snd not pushing too hard on this front.   The other is that alot of school networks seem to not like Apple TV...

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There a couple of ...

There a couple of different ways to project to a data projector from an iPad.

You can purchase a VGA adapter that connects to your iPad. This works for all iPads except the first generation iPad.

If you want to connect to a data projector wirelessly, you can take advantage of AirPlay, a feature includes with the latest OS and iOS and Apple TV. This setup only works with iPad 2 and newer and all video and sound are mirrored wirelessly to any TV or projector that is connected via HDMI from the Apple TV. You need to be on the same wireless network for the two devices to communicate. Once you are connected to the Apple TV, double-click the Home button, swipe all the way to the right, and select AirPlay Mirroring.