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How do I push out photos from my teacher iPad to my students' iPads?
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You can push out photos ...

You can push out photos from the syncing computer.  On a Mac you would create an album in iPhoto and put all of those a pictures in that album. Then when you sync the ipads select the iPhoto album to be synced within iTunes.  On a PC you would do this the same way, except you would put the photos in a folder in My Pictures.  Anytime you add pictures to that album/folder they will automatically be put ont the ipads the next time they sync to the computer.

You could also use Picasa, Google's version of Flickr, to share photos online.  This works quite well and allows students to go look through your public albums and select photos to use and save to the camera roll. Students could bookmark your public photo page and then go back there to find more pictures as you upload them.