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How do I sync a classroom set of iPads?

How do I sync a classroom set of iPads?

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This depends on WHY you ...

This depends on WHY you are syncing.  If you just need to download an app to all ipads, you can purchase on the "Mother Ship" or on just one of the ipads, and then have students go to the App Store on each of their ipads and click on purchased apps to download.  This is a quick way to get an app on an ipad.

If you need to sync photos, videos, audio, books, or mulitple apps, then it is best to plug in to the mothership (computer you are syncing to) and I would suggest using a hub to sync as many at a time as possible.  Make sure that when you select each ipad in itunes you check to always sync new apps. This will save you from having to click on each ipad when you plug in to sync.  If you make playlists in itunes or albums in iphoto  you can select to always sync those albums/playlists.  In this way if you add content to the playlist/album, then they will automatically be added to the ipads when thye are plugged int to sync.



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Wired syncing is the way ...

Wired syncing is the way to go. You can get a 10 port USB hub pretty cheaply and either use the USB cord that came with your iPad(s).

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The way that has worked ...

The way that has worked most effectively, but not necessarily most effeciently, in my experience is to have the devices wired with the synching cord, USB hub (in order to synch many devices at one time), and computer. We have experienced an on again/off again problem with wireless synching in my district.