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How do I teach kids to self advocate for technology after they leave my classroom?

I don't want the extensive use of technology in my classroom to be an island. Next year they are headed to the mainland. How do they advocate for technology there?

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I agree with the post ...

I agree with the post above.  If you have the opportunity to work with kids regularly in a lab or with mobile are lucky and the students  are indeed PRIVALAGED! Humility, kindness and sincerity should be taught with technology hand in hand with collaboration.

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I think that when this is ...

I think that when this is done the students can be whiny or make is that the new teacher feels like they are being unfairly compared to you.   While this will be different for the various age groups, I think that I, as a competitive high school teacher, most often felt compelled to change my pedagogy or check out new technology when kids simply said how excited they were about something.   I only got turned on to Twitter when two colleagues (first when I was a HS teacher and secondly when I became a college professor) when students came to my class saying how the other teacher they just had did something remarkable with it. 

I think "Advocacy" for students has to be in a "show those on the mainland" as opposed to complaining.  If a student came to me and said "Mr. Daley, look at what I made in Ms. Lundberg's class..." and left it there -- no judgment of me, then I was often impressed by the student's work and excitement about work.  Then I'm quietly thinking about how I can learn this to do the same types of cool stuff, and maybe seek out help from that teacher for how to keep things going...

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When my 5th graders went ...

When my 5th graders went on to the middle school, I remindered them to ask if they can turn in assignments in different formats or digital.  This create a reason for the teacher to find the technology or push for it.