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How do instructional methods with mobile devices differ from desktop and laptop instructional methods?
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One way instruction is ...

One way instruction is different with mobile devices, is you cannot expect students to submit, or turn in content and assignments in the same manner unless they have an email address or phone number because mobile devices are for individuals, especially the iPad. 


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The struggle I have is ...

The struggle I have is having a mish-mash of technology in my classroom. My solution is to create problems that allow a variety of ways to share the solutions. I try to not focus on the technology, but rather on the content, the allow my students to problem solve how they are going to use technology or not as part of their learning.

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First, the lessons can be ...

First, the lessons can be mobile.  The students are not "chained" to a desk where the computer is.  Lessons can be completed on a different time-line as the students are free to roam.  Using google forms and drive assessments and assignments can be turned in from anywhere using any device, smart phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, PC, etc.

The possibilities are limitless. is one I found using a twitter search for ideas for mobile learning.

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I'll take a different ...

I'll take a different road.  The actually instruction shouldn't need to be so different.  No matter what the device.  As we get closer to a BYOD environment, lessons will need to be device neutral.  The goal of using technology is to let children discover and create their own learning.  Most of the time the question is more about the management.  There are differennces in how accountability is managed.