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How do students use Edmodo to do their homework? Pages?
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I post a question or ...

I post a question or assignment, poll or quiz on Edmodo for them to compete as homework (Kids who do not have access at home can do it at school the next day)  I often use as an "exit" question for the days lesson.  (I teach 4th grade)

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What ever way you want! ...

What ever way you want! Many teachers do not know that edmodo has a backpack.  Students can store ANY type of document or product in the backpack to turn in later. So, kids that have access to tech at home can actually continue their work from school.  It is also a way that I have students move items from one computer to another.   

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A great way for students ...

A great way for students to submit homework is with Google docs. Google Drive has been integrated into Edmodo. Here is a link from the blog post from Edmodo about this. 

Students can post questions and answers to the Edmodo group about homework as well.