Mobile Learning Q&A

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How do you demonstrate the effective use of mobile devices through out a lesson?

I show teachers how to use an app throughout the learning process and to take students through Bloom's taxonomy:

Use the app number line:

First have students just use the app, and ask if this alone helps students to learn and practice the content?

THEN, show how the app (and other mobile tools) can be used differently:

1) Teacher models the app and their thinking with the class during formal instruction.

2) Students work in pairs (driver/navigator or toucher/talker) to explain their thinking and play the game together

3) Students use the video camera and paper numbers to create a video explaining how they put the numbers in order.

4) Teacher has students take a google quiz to assess individually.


This experience is typically a total wake up call for teachers about the potential of mobile devices.

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This model of "Ido, we do, ...

This model of "Ido, we do, you all do" works with integration of technology as well as introduction of any content. Teach To's are the backbone of integration.

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I just posted a math ...

I just posted a math lessons for K-1 based on geometics shapes and mobil devices tonight.  It could be adapted to almost any grade or subject.

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Thank you, Jennifer.  This ...

Thank you, Jennifer.  This is something I can implement! I love the idea of modeling my thinking while using an app, and adding a creation piece.