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I have 5 iPads. What is fair share?

How do you fairly share the technology?

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One ipad per table group.  ...

One ipad per table group.  Different person each day gets to be the recorder or leader.  So many great apps/sites for kids to collaborate: Socrative, Answer Garden, Edmodo, Wikis, Google Apps....

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Fair share would depend on ...

Fair share would depend on what the lesson and learning goals are.  Maybe it is 1 per group or 1 per person in a small group, rotating groups.  Look at the lesson first and see if the iPads are necessary first then look at the way to share fairly.

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I have colored iPad ...

I have colored iPad covers/cases in my Kindergarten classroom.  Since we only have 5 iPads, each student is assigned an iPad one day per week, and is assigned a color.  This allows each student to know quickly which iPad has his saved work when grabbing the iPad on his day of the week.  Since they work on apps that help me to differentiate and work at their own pace, students need to use the same iPad when using the apps such as "Teach Me Kindergarten" and "Reading Raven."  They log on to continue work in progress, and to enable me to track their progress.

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It has been interesting ...

It has been interesting because I have a mix of iPads, iPods, and net books. The students have figured out which tool works best for the task. I have drawn "random" names to assure all get at least a chance with the different technologies.

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Use them during small ...

Use them during small group instruction. Guided practice with gradual release. 

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