Mobile Learning Q&A

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If you are already incorporating mobile technology into your teaching, how often do you do it? For a certain project? As a workstation? Is there a go to app that is essential for any mobile device lesson?

This question assumes you have the following technology: 1iPad, 1 desktop, 1 document camera, Apple TV, and a tv 

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If I had 1 ipad, I would ...

If I had 1 ipad, I would definetly be using it along with Apple TV to operate my workstation.  This way I can walk around the room and use proximity as I operate my computer.  I can also hand my ipad to a student to demontrate or operate . I would also use that one ipad with Class Dojo.  A great site/app to track student behaviors - positive or negative.


I would also use some apps for students to share work or contribute to a class project.  For instance Haiku Deck would be a great way to create a class presentation.  Using Educreations you or your students can create mini lessons or reviews to be shared and posted with the whole class.

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I incorporate mobile ...

I incorporate mobile technology into my teaching and learning daily, but this might not right for everyone. For those just starting out it might be for just particular projects or for a single workstation. As Jennifer Gingerich said, creation apps are my go-to: Educreations, 30 Hands...