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iPad - Preparing Devices for Next Year

We have several classrooms in our district wrapping up their first year with 1:1 iPads. How are other folks handling the logistics of getting the iPads set up for the new school year? Each classroom set is managed through a single iTunes account. Students do not have their own iTunes accounts.

Specifically, I am thinking about questions like:

  • What to do with student files, pictures and other data. Do they lose this work? Do they migrate it off to services like Dropbox or Google Drive?
  • Do you take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning & organizing? 
  • What do you think of the idea of setting up a "master iPad" set up with settings, apps and folders the way you want and then restoring the other iPads from the master iPad's backup file.

Any other thoughts & ideas would be appreciated!

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We use a master iPad image ...

We use a master iPad image and restore off that image over the summer. This cleans the iPad from user data and pictures. It students want that data, they use their google drive to move over their data, which typically isn't much.

its nice starting off year with clean content on an iPad. Yes, takes some time, but worth it.

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Thanks for this great ...

Thanks for this great topic!  Our 5th graders are just finishing up their first year.  Our 6th graders will be getting iPads next year.  I am not sure if the 5th graders will bring their iPads with them or get new iPads.  I would hate to see 5th grade specific apps be deleted and have to pay for new apps.