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Looking for the best extensions for a Chromebook to help with teaching in the high school classroom.
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Our district has begun ...

Our district has begun rolling out Chromebooks this year. One of our high school teachers introduced the Google based App called Flubaroo to me. It is a pretty cool tool that works with Google Sheets to help grade assignments. Here is a link to view information:

We are also subscribing to Hapara to help teachers manage classes and push out documents and other media. This platform works with Skyward to pregenerate class folders to students and teachers. I think Google Classroom has many similar features (free of charge), however; it may still be in the piloting stages so I'm not sure if it's readily available to teachers/districts.

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I really like Tab Scissors ...

I really like Tab Scissors and Tab Glue (installed to chrome browser) because I seem to always have millions of tabs open.  This way, I can look at my Google spreadsheet at the same time as my grade book to enter in grades. 

Flubaroo is awesome like Stacy mentioned!

EasyBib Biblilography add on is a handy tool for google docs