Mobile Learning Q&A

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PC to IPAD. Any suggestions for making this transition easier?
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Is this a transition for ...

Is this a transition for teachers or students?  I believe the students will adapt more quickly than the teachers. 

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It can be a difficult ...

It can be a difficult transition even going from a Mac to an iPad, for many folks.  That's because you are attempting to compare apples to oranges. An iPad is a completely new beast, totally different from a PC with a hard drive and a connection to your school server.  So my advice is to act like a native, a digital native.

1) Experiment to see what you can do.  Focus on what you can do and not on the cannots.

2) Click or touch or pinch or drag on everything to see what happens or when you feel "stuck" in an app. Be persistent and you will probably solve your own problem.

3) Ask your friends (or kids)!  Collaborate on a regular basis about what is working and your discoveries and questions you have.

4) Use your resources.  When you are stuck, google it!  WHen you want a tutorial, youtube it!

5) Every app is different, with different versions of saving and sharing content.  So find a few good apps that allow you and your students to create and share content, and stick to those.  Less is more!