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Should I take a device to be repaired to Apple or a local repair shop?

Weighing cost of new iPad vs. cost of repair

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Could depend on the amount ...

Could depend on the amount of warranty lef ton the device.

How do I determine my warranty time? Visit the link below and enter the iPad’s serial number. There is a link on the page that explains how to find the serial number.

If you go to a repair shop (other than Apple), they most likely use third party parts which voids the Apple warranty and are not Apple certified.

Advantages                                              Disadvantages
Lower cost                                                Voids Apple warranty
Quicker turn around
Pick up from school
Free diagnostic
Offers Bulk Discounts

Apple (or certified Apple outlet) performs whole iPad replacements, at various costs depending on the problem which maintains original warranty*

Advantages                                                              Disadvantages
Pick up from school                                                   $20 no problem found or no repair completed
Maintains Original Device Warranty through Apple        Slower turn around

*The one-year warranty is still based on original purchase date, not the repair date.