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Is there a need for an endorsement in Instructional Technology?
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We at Concordia are also ...

We at Concordia are also considering the possibility of creating a track for Educational or Instructional technology.  I'm unsure if having teachers need a TSPC-certification is the way to go, but so many young teachers are being drafted to be tech instructors when they don't have much more than a generic class.   I think that we would be wise to begin offering this as a possibility alongside the other methods classes -- wouldn't it be worthwhile for new teachers, if they were pretty solid with technology, to get that training alongside say an endorsement in Social Studies?

Two years ago I did an independent study with 14 future teachers in Ed Tech.  All 14 got jobs, 11 in technology education.  I didn't think that was a coincidence -- I believe that schools and districts do want this.   However, I am also aware/leery that technology staff can be the first to go (beside IT) so I can understand the hesitancy to offer anything.  I also am hestitant to require/push for something that may affect people who have years of experience.   I just feel that coming down the pike, that option may be more worthwhile than someone having a split Eng/SS (cough, which I have...).

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I'm not sure.  Are you ...

I'm not sure.  Are you saying a TSPC endorsement?  Would that limit our current instructional technology folks?

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I think it is a valuable ...

I think it is a valuable endorsement.  I earned a masters in Ed Tech from Boise State and I feel that I use what I learned in my program on a daily basis. Like others have said, it is such a broad field and so much changes, it would be difficult to pin point what one would need to do to earn the endorsement.

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Scott, How do you see ...


How do you see this changing with TSPC?  Has there been conversation at TSPC regarding this topic?

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I am going through this ...

I am going through this right now with tspc.  There is no endorsment needed for instructional technology.  However, there is also no test or endorsement that helps teachers be considered Highly Qualified in instructional tech.  I have a feeling this will be something that will have to change soon. 

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My first response would be ...

My first response would be no. But that is because it could possibly be limiting. Several years ago a graphing calculator was the newest technology and you didn't need an endorsement for it. IT should be seamless.

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At the recently integratED ...

At the recently integratED conference, I talked to the people at the Western Oregon University, and they are in the process of creating an Instructional Technology endorsement.  I dont know when it will be available.