Mobile Learning Q&A

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We are bombarded with ed apps, technology, and the push to have our students learn to code... Are there teachers, and teacher resources out there to learn to code and develope games and apps?
  • Can we MAKE apps?
  • Can we MAKE games?
  • Can we MAKE digital curriculum?

I am interested in starting a group, class, etc for teachers to learn Object Oriented Programming, coding, etc to develop teacher centered curriculum.

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There are amazing projects ...

There are amazing projects that you can do with SCRATCH.  I love scratch.  Link that with a Makey Makey curcuit board or a arduino board and you are creating amazing things with your students.  Search Makey Makey and SPARKFUN.

Code academy is wonderful. But, younger students may get overwhelmed quickly.

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Have you tried searching ...

Have you tried searching for this?  I have students using Code Academy.  You might want to check this out.  Also,  I just stumbled onto a game making site for 4th-9th graders.  It is called Gamestar Mechanic.  I have not had time to play around with this.  Even though Gamestar is for kids, as a teacher you can do the activities.