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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Chrome Books in the classroom?

We received a matching grant for Chrome books for 9th graders.  The 9th grade teachers don't want them.  If I can convince them how the Chrome books will help learning, I need some ideas.

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Good question!  I'd ...

Good question!  I'd answer:

  • Chromebooks boot up in less than ten seconds - saves you time.
  • If using Docs and the machine dies, just get on a new machine - your work is fine.
  • Viruses?  What are those?  No need to worry about this at all.
  • Whatever students are using on Chromebooks, they can use on their own computers at home since it'll be web-based.

There are many more reasons, but that'll get you started!  There's more at the Chromebooks and Education site.


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Well, we decided to not go ...

Well, we decided to not go with Chrome Books for our 9th grade students.  After further comments from the 9th grade teachers, we decided to get Dell laptops.

Thanks for the input on this topic!

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Right now Chrome books ...

Right now Chrome books will not run the SBAC test- I hear they are going to fix that before the SBAC starts.

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We have Chromebook and I ...

We have Chromebook and I love them.  One issue we had early on was the Web 2.0 stuff that required a camera or microphone would not work.  Most of this has been fixed!

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I only have one that I won ...

I only have one that I won last year at this conference.  Between this one Chromebook and some iPads I borrow from Title I, I allow students to take unit assessment tests.  In Google Docs I prepare a form (test).  If the students receives a 100% on a test, the next week they get to take their test on the Chromebook (or iPad).  I then grade the muliple choice pieces of the test with flubaroo.  Instantly graded and I have data to see how the kids did immediately.  I would love to have a classroom set of Chromebooks.

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The WiFi problems, oh the ...

The WiFi problems, oh the WiFi problems! Make sure your strength is top notch!