Mobile Learning Q&A

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What ARE the questions that districts should be asking/addressing as they plan for tablets/ipads?
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What School Lead­ers Need to Know About Dig­i­tal Tech­nolo­gies and Social Media includes a chap­ter about one-to-one com­put­ing writ­ten by Pamela Liv­ingston and Chris Lehmann. That sec­tion focused on how teach­ers will need to inves­ti­gate how their teach­ing will change. The fol­low­ing ques­tions are pre­sented in the text.

  • How should teach­ing and learn­ing change to reflect the new shared vision of school?
  • What assump­tions and behav­iors will teach­ers release in terms of their instruc­tional roles in order to achieve a more student-centered model?
  • What are the new struc­tures of teach­ing that should be imple­mented to achieve the vision?
  • How will teach­ers col­lab­o­rate to enable inno­va­tion to spread from class to class?
  • What are the essen­tial tech­no­log­i­cal tools that all teach­ers should know how to use?
  • What are the cur­ric­u­lar tools (unit plan­ning devices, rubrics for grad­ing, and so on) that can help teach­ers reach their goals?
  • How will teach­ers assess the new arti­facts of learn­ing that stu­dents can create?
  • How can teach­ers use the 1:1 lap­top expe­ri­ence as a way to cre­ate a shared lan­guage of teach­ing and learn­ing across the entire school?