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What are some of the best covers to use with the iPad?
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For a teacher's use, I ...

For a teacher's use, I like the covers with a hand-strap.  I have the $35 Grabbit and like it, but even the $10 Griffen would expand the usefulness of a teacher/student held iPad.

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We have had great success ...

We have had great success with the gmyle 360 degree rotating covers that can be found on amazon. The are affordable (less than $10 frequently), protective, fit in carts, and come in multiple colors so you can distinguish between sets or students.

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Here is a quote from the ...

Here is a quote from the blog Teaching Like it's 2999 about ipad covers.  Great advice!

1- Taste the Rainbow.
When buying cases, try to find ones that come in multiple colors (we got the MiniSuits from Amazon). Then have one color per table. This way, it is easy for each student to find his/her assigned iPad every day without rummaging through a bin. (I keep all of my iPads out in a bin on the tables, all day - much like teachers who keep pencils or craft supplies out all day.) The iPads are of course numerated as well, but the color coding makes things quicker and easier. Here is a post about organizing your iPads and here are files for numerized iPad wall papers (so you can make the iPad number the background of your home and lock screens)."

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In the Kindergarten ...

In the Kindergarten classroom I really like the Fintie iPad Kiddie Case.  It is very lightweight, "shock proof," and has a convertible handle/stand.  It comes in a variety of nice bright colors, which has lent itself well to grouping my students for iPad use since I don't have a full class set.  They come equipped with nice holes for easy access to the power, charging, and volume controls.  My only complaint, or issue with them is that the hole for headphones doesn't happen to work with the size of our headphone plug in.  But, easy to fix myself.  They are about $17 on Amazon, and well worth it.

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On student iPads we use ...

On student iPads we use the Otterbox.  They are spendy, but we have found they are worth their weight in gold.  For teacher iPad and presenting I use the Grabbit.  

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Are you looking for just a ...

Are you looking for just a cover or a cover that has a keyboard?

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We use Speck covers. ...

We use Speck covers. Overall, they are tough, even when dropped. However the magnet that closes the cover on the iPad is starting to fall out on some of them. Speck said that they would replace them.

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