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What are some classroom management strategies for launching an iPad classroom?

--e.g. how to physically distritube ipads for each class, how to store headphones, etc.?

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Distributing iPads in the ...

Distributing iPads in the classroom:

  • All iPads should be numbered in some way and each student assigned to a particular iPad
  • One or two students can be assigned the job of iPad manager(s) -- they are the ones to unplug and call up students in small groups to be handed their assigned iPad


  • Students walk to the iPad storage area (cart or other) in table groups, or small groups of 4 or so.
  • Each student unplugs the iPad and walks back to his/her seat
  • When there are only two people in line, the next group goes to the cart
  • Reverse the process for returning the iPads (if using, "managers" plug iPads back in)
  • Make this a game by timing the process. Try to beat the time -- keeping it safe with walking and waiting for the line to go down to two
  • Have a particular activity ready (good time for drill & practice) for those students who are first to get the iPads and are waiting for the rest of the class

Storing headphones

  • Heavyduty plastic bags labeled with numbers that correspond to the iPad numbers
  • Store individual headphones inside the bags
  • Plastic tubs to hold five or so of the heavyduty plastic bags with the headphones
  • Keep these tubs near or on the iPad cart -- if there is room, keep the tubs on top of table groups