Mobile Learning Q&A

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What is the best way for my students to share/turn-in work created on their iPads so that I may assess it and return?
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Showbie (an app) is a free ...

Showbie (an app) is a free and easy way to manage digital work with iPads. 

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eachers around the world ...

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I am working that out ...

I am working that out right now. I have used Edmodo to manage assignments in the past, but not all of the apps will connect. My class and I are in the process of exploring Dropbox as an option for apps like Explain Everything. I also wrote to the app developer and requested a way to upload it directly.

I have also used a Google Form. My students have email accounts and I have a class in Educreations. This has been one of the best show what you know apps for my class.


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I have seen teachers use a ...

I have seen teachers use a Google Form.  Students complete their work, copy the URL and paste it into the form.  For example, when they create ShowMe's, Educreations, PuppetPals, these all are stored in the cloud and are given a URL.

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I am trying out ...

I am trying out Printopia... they can send it to any wireless printer or to my laptop.  (it costs $20)

So far I love it, the site it is on is