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What if we can use badges/pins for showing proficiency -like girl/boy scouts or gaming....what would be something a HS student would want for a pin? Maybe school wide pins for graduation?
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How about a real badge ...

How about a real badge maker site:



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Edmodo offers badges for ...

Edmodo offers badges for kids to earn as well as teachers.  You can make your own badges or borrow frmo other teachers!  Kids love to earn these badges (So do the teachers)

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I love this idea and have ...

I love this idea and have wanted to try it. Badges, if tied to skill/competancy, could also be a way for students to find a peer expert in an area they are struggling with.

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Are you thinking that ...

Are you thinking that proficiency rubrics could be scanned and then students provide artifacts and self score to start dialogue with teachers?

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I am 42 years old and love ...

I am 42 years old and love getting the badges even on this site!  However, like any insentive based system.  The motivation is only there if you are consistent and they have meaning.  I am using badges in edmodo.  I have about twenty on my profile you can grab.

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Aren't we all motivated by ...

Aren't we all motivated by extrinsic things? I personally believe that first we model the desired behavior or action or whatever; then to keep kids involved in the "practicing" process, we can offer incentives such as badges or stickers or some other motivator to encourage them to keep working at something new (and possibly challenging). 

Kids tend to repeat that which brings them pleasure or recognition or self-satisfaction, so why can't we help them persevere by offering some tangible incentives.  Many adults use such incentives all the time to help them stay motivated to eat well, exercise, etc., (records of weight loss, pedometer readings, "To Do" list cross-outs) and  students also respond to concrete evidence of their learning and effort.

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I need to talk to my ...

I need to talk to my students about what they would want for "badges"

Dutch bros stickers for water bottles, car windows, etc. 





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I teach K and I'm going to ...

I teach K and I'm going to go home and create a name tag (similar to ours) with points based on keys CCSS. I'm going to give students a hole punch when they master  that skill.  They'll be so proud!

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Whatever happened to ...

Whatever happened to intrinsict (spelling?) motivation?