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What multiplayer activities with iPads or apps are you using?
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Stage, baiboard, showme, ...

Stage, baiboard, showme, educreations, haiku deck, pearltrees are some new fun ones for me!

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Any chance to get a little ...

Any chance to get a little more clarification there as to what "multiplayer" means?   I see that word and I think "gaming" or that all students are on the same app synchronously, whereas I can think of several Apps that students can work on together when they are not all on at the same time. 

As a former secondary educator, I fell in love with Nearpod because I was able to link all students to an activity together.   When you have the school license, you're able to do a lot more than the free versions -- all students, both synchronously and asynchronously -- can take polls and quizzes and annotate or illustrate text and images.   I also think that programs as mentioned above, like ShowMe/Educreations, but maybe more remarkably Explain Everything, can be multiplayer if you show kids how to use the Cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive) along with it.

If you have an iPad and want multiple students to use it at once, you run into a harder time.  In response to Kelly Medina, I think that Puppet Pals, which Jeffrey Kurtz showed me, and Art Maker (which I love), allow K-2 students to do an activity together.  They create a stage in which they get to operate puppets or characters and record short videos together (30 seconds tops).   I watched 5 year olds make little skits together which was very remarkable (both because of the tech they were using and how they were "Creating" content.

I can keep going if I cant get a little more defintition from some member of this post about what is being looked for -- any help Joe?




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I use stop motion video ...

I use stop motion video (LEGO Movie Maker) in small groups as an activity that requires collaboration and creativity while demonstrating understanding

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I found an app called ...

I found an app called Native Numbers that deals with number sense using bars, groups, and other non-numeric representations of numbers.  Check out information here:

You can upload a spreadsheet of students and link them inside the app on the iPad.  The website has good teacher tools availalbe.

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Any specific apps for k-2 ...

Any specific apps for k-2 level?