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What to use as Apple ID?

Creating email aliases? Students use district email?

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It may seem like a ...

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it's worth saying . . . no teacher should be using his/her school-issued email address for logins that are not "on the school's dime."  Several reasons:

  1. If the district changes email addresses from to a different protocol (such as or to a new domain (such as, you may lose access to work that you created in your many Web2.0 tools.
  2. If you move to a new district, you do not want your login at accounts to be tied to an old email address.
  3. If your school decides to offer a premium version of a service (, for example), you'll want your school address to be available for that version.
  4. If you made an iTunes Apple login using your school email address back when it was your only email address, you now are faced with the difficulty of navigating school-owned apps that should be registered with your school email address but also having apps and music that you've purchased in years past with your money and "your" school email address/Apple ID.

Get another--private--email account.  Often there are ways to have email forwarded to or fetched from one account into another.  Gmail even offers the ability to send email "from" other email addresses, so that your email appears as if it's being sent from the address of your choice, including your school-issued email account.

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In Salem-Kiezer we don't yet have a 1:1 deployment so all Apple accounts are set up by group numbers. A group can be a single device or many. Our account naming policy follows this pattern: iOS-SchoolNumber-GroupNumber. My account is iOS-022-11 so I'm the 11th group in the technology department.

We chose to use group accounts instead of personal accounts so that if a teacher moved, the apps purchased by the school stayed at the school. Also, apps selected (paid and free) by an English teacher would stay with the English group account but the devices could be used by a Science teacher using a different account (with sufficient time in between to reset the devices).