Mobile Learning Q&A

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What is your district doing to teach digital literacy? Who is teaching it? Is it tied to other curriculum?
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Teaching digital literacy ...

Teaching digital literacy has been done by the technology teacher in the past.  In our middle school, that is my role/job.  I do not see all of the students during the year, either.  Regular classroom teachers do not believe it is their job to teach digital literacy.  Teaching digital literacy should not be done in isolation and that is what' happening.

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Virginia Petitt's picture ... has some fabulous resources for teaching digital literacy and Internet safety:
Also, Common Sense Media has launched a website called that has reviews of apps, games, websites and digital curriculum.
Other great resources include:
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If I am using it my ...

If I am using it my classroom-I believe it is my duty....however I have not done this well. I hope to improve! Does anyone have lessons to share who does this well?