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What's the best stylus for tablets?
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I recently found a ...

I recently found a pen/stylus at Fred Meyers.  They are located t the check out area.  Sorry I don't have the name of them!

They work just as well as my Targus styles.  Best part .... they are only $5.00!

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I use the Cosmonaut, a ...

I use the Cosmonaut, a wide-grip stylus that I love. I have also seen the Bamboo Wacom stylus, which is nice. The rubber tip versus the sponge tip is better.

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I have a new stylus ...

I have a new stylus called a Notier. What I like about it better than a Jot:
  *Less expensive
  *Plastic tip stays flat on the surface of the tablet even when held at an acute angle
  *No need to fiddle with the tip to maintain a constant, consistent connection to the tablet.
What I don't like as much:
  *The end you hold is big and tapers to a small end on the part you don't hold.  It makes for a bit of a funny grip.
What's the same:
  *Precision touch - makes a fine line that you can control exquisitely.
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Joe, I have a Jot from ...

Joe, I have a Jot from Adonit.  It's not perfect, but there's an easy fix to skipping (use pencil lead) and the precision point is excellent.  I like it better than a cheap stylus becuase of the weight (closer to a good pen) and because I prefer fine point work, even with a piece of real paper.

My coworker, Jeff, has the new stylus called "pencil" that is put out by 53 - the people who do the app called "paper".  It only works inside of paper right now with all the advanced features and it connects via BlueTooth. It adds palm rejection, an eraser by flipping the stylus over, and turns your finger into a smudging tool.  It looks and feels like a carpenter's pencil and charges via USB.

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I have a stylus made by ...

I have a stylus made by Targus.  So far, it has done a fair job.  I wouldn't say it is great, though, and I may end up getting a different stylus.

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Has anyone used the stylus ...

Has anyone used the stylus from Adonit called jot, which claims to have a fine point tip stylus? It seems useable but I have not seen one.