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What's the best way to push out apps to iPads?
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Our Deployment Guide and ...

Our Deployment Guide and associated Deployment videos are available here

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We have 44 ipads and was ...

We have 44 ipads and was previously using configurator to sync them.  Since Apple has updated their iOS, we have found and easier way to do this, and requires just a bit of time upfront, and no time at all once you've configured your ipad.

On the ipads, go to settings, then Itunes & App Store.  Make sure you are logged in using your school (or district) apple ID.  Below, make sure under Automatic Downloads that Apps is turned on.  

With this configuration, anytime you download a free app under your school (or district) ID, it is automatically pushed to all ipads when they are connected to power and wifi (which usually happens every night while they are charging).

For paid apps, we just download them to the individual ipads that will have them - we haven't bought anything that goes out to all 44 - can't afford it.


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We have been using Meraki ...

We have been using Meraki for two years as our MDM and really like it. Meraki will allow you to push out apps to multiple devices, as well as manage device policies and other device management functions. Best of all, Meraki is free.

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It depends on how many ...

It depends on how many iPads you are working with, your annual budget for iPad apps, your deployment model (with Apple's Personal Ownership Deployment Model you will be buying Apps for students), whether you are using Mobile Device Management and if you are using Configurator or if you are sharing an Apple ID with multiple devices (I'm not sure what the limit is for the number of iPad devices on one Apple ID).



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Be sure to check out ...

Be sure to check out Apple's volume purchasing program for apps too as most apps will be half price if you but 20+ licences.