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When is the cheapest price not always the cheapest cost?
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I have a great example of ...

I have a great example of this - it is really important to look at the total cost of ownership of a device.  Here is the real world example I'm struggling with today - Two years ago my organization purchased a number of netbook computers (cheap <$400, 1 year warranty).  At the time it was a budget stop gap to get desktops on desks.  However, we have a 4 year lifecycle.  After 1 year the warrenty ended, the machines started needing maintenance, some new parts, and were very difficult to maintain. They also break easily when opened up to replace or add parts.  After 2 years we have exceeded the cost of the purchase of the devices in the staff time to support them.  We would have been better off spending $700 for better hardware with a 3 year warranty and having support from the hardware company.