Mobile Learning Q&A

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Where is funding coming from, now that grants are over?

Where is funding coming from, now that the Ed tech grants are over? How are you going to hardware up to date?


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Could schools consider ...

Could schools consider including tech as part of their textbook adoption cycle

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Why are we not taking ...

Why are we not taking advantage of what the students already own?  Where does BYOD fit into all of this?  It seems to me that we could harness the resources the students have instead of relying on a funding source.

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  I point people to three ...


I point people to three resources for finding grant funds.

The first two resources are very similar. are both sites that you can enter a need in your classroom - everything from paper and pencils to playground equipment to iPads.  People from around the world can choose to fund your need.  This can be your parents, your students' grandparents, or someone completly random. Advertise!

The third resource is CDW-G's new comprehensive grant search engine at  It's a GREAT resource for finding grants that meet your specific needs.

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Some of the schools that I ...

Some of the schools that I work with are relying on parent groups for funding. Some are offering grants to teachers to pilot various devices. Others parent groups are simply awarding money to the school for technology purchases.

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We have a textbook ...

We have a textbook adoption for math this next year and instead of piloting another program, we are using the state standards to create and align curriculum, then hopefully use the money for technology, manipulatives, and tools.

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We are using general fund ...

We are using general fund dollars and cutting other stuff like textbooks, lab upgrades, conferences, etc.  some resentment though from staff who haven't bought into the 1:1 mentality.