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Who should manage iPads--teachers or IT?
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Definitely the teachers, ...

Definitely the teachers, with IT support. We are a one-to-one district and every teacher is responsible for purchasing their own apps, and syncing their own devices.  Yes it takes time, and teachers need to be strategic on when they choose to sync their devices.  There are so many devices, there's no way that IT could be in charge of all of them. We would have to wait a long time to get the help we needed.

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I think it depends on the ...

I think it depends on the number of devices and the size of your district. In our district, we have a lot of iPads and it is not too practical to have all support/management requests funneled through our IT department. 

When possible, and with initial training and support, I think it is valuable to have the teacher manage their own devices. 


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IT doesn't have the time ...

IT doesn't have the time to manage them.  A coach or leading teacher should.

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IT, but with a transparent ...

IT, but with a transparent ticket-process so that teachers can add tickets and see progress.