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Copy of letter and FAQ sent to our parent community to announce our 1:1 iPad program

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Copy of letter and FAQ sent to our parent community to announce our 1:1 iPad program.


Dear La Salle Community,

I am very excited to inform you today of an important enhancement to La Salle's educational program beginning in the fall of 2014. Below you will find specific information as to what and why, and attached you will find a frequently asked questions document containing more specific information. 

In the Spirit of De La Salle,

Andrew Kuffner

Vision: At La Salle, we believe a college preparatory education means our students complete a rigorous academic program ready to transfer and apply their learning beyond the classroom. They are ready to respond to, engage in, and influence a 21st century world.

What: La Salle is implementing a 1:1 technology initiative next year. This means each student will have an iPad to support their learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

When: Beginning in the fall of 2014

Who: All students enrolled at La Salle Prep

Why: iPads allow for:

● Development of 21st century skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinkingand problem solving skills, creativity and innovation

● Quick and easy access to quality resources through online databases and other resources for learning

● Multiple opportunities to apply knowledge and analyze or evaluate information 

● High levels of organization and efficiencies to support student learning

● Increased opportunities for quick and targeted teacher feedback to students

● Differentiated instruction/student-centered and individualized learning

● Increased student engagement

● The potential for increased quality instructional time

● Single device standardization for ease of resource and classroom use

● A high quality, reliable and durable device which retains its value

● Access to Apple’s industry-leading and extensive library of educational apps


The 1:1 iPad Program at La Salle Prep Frequently Asked Questions

La Salle Catholic College Prep is committed to harnessing our students’ energy and enthusiasm for technology and innovation. The 1:1 initiative is designed to direct that energy toward 21st century learning as students become high level communicators, thinkers and problem solvers. Students must be well versed in the essential skill areas of complex communication, new media literacy, collaboration, creativity, responsible digital citizenship and self-directed learning.

•Why 1:1?
Mobile learning will be used to access information beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students will analyze and research information, communicate ideas and thoughts, and collaborate with other learners.
•Why iPads?
After extensive research, consultation and evaluation our administrative team decided to adopt the iPad as our personal computing device. While our faculty remains our first and best resource for the education of our students, we are enthused about the level of engagement, interactivity, connectivity and organization that iPads bring to our educational program.
The iPad is the leading mobile learning device through which students can navigate and create exciting new worlds. It is the device that best augments our rigorous and relevant curriculum.
•Who will pay for the device?
Families will need to purchase a new, used or refurbished iPad or iPad Mini as they had previously purchased text books.
•Who needs to have an iPad?
All students attending La Salle in September, 2014, must have an iPad on the first day of school. Students must complete the required technology orientation and have their device registered with the school by September 2.
•What if we already own an iPad?
There is no need to purchase another iPad if your student owns an iPad 2, 3, 4 or an iPad Mini, as long as the device meets the specifications below.
•What are the minimum specifications for the iPad or iPad Mini?
New, used or refurbished iPad 2, 3, 4 with 32GB available for e-texts. 3G is not necessary on our wireless campus.
•Will my student be able to bring a comparable tablet, PC or e-reader?
No. The Apple iOS operating system is significantly different than other operating systems. The iPad is the best device currently available for teaching and learning activities for our students. It has a number of design elements that meet our needs, such as its long battery life, flat profile, touch screen and robust app developer community.
•I have more than one child attending La Salle. Can they share an iPad?
No. Each student will need to have his/her own iPad as the device will be used in the classroom as a part of curriculum across all academic disciplines.
•What about textbooks?
We are working with textbook publishers to find appropriate e-books and educational apps. It is our goal to reduce the cost, weight and burden of textbooks.
•Will there be any cost savings by requiring iPads?
We intend to use as many electronic textbooks as we can. Electronic books cost much less than traditional textbooks. We fully expect families will experience a cost savings over two to three years.
•Can I buy an iPad now as a Christmas or birthday gift? Will it still meet specifications for next year?
Yes, as long as it is an iPad or iPad Mini with 32GB available for school use.
•Where should we purchase the device?
Families may purchase the device from the retailer of their choice, but may want to consider purchasing new from Apple online as the company provides:
• Free shipping
• Free engraving (student’s name)
• For a limited time, free 6 or 12 month financing
•Will there be a discount through La Salle to purchase an iPad? No. Apple does not provide an educational discount for families.

•What about accessories or cases?
We require students provide a case or cover for their iPad. We suggest purchasing the optional warranty program through Apple or insurance protection through Apple. Earphones, stylus and keyboard are optional.
•Student Safety:
Our campus wireless infrastructure was installed in 2012. Internet filters are in place to limit students’ access to inappropriate web content and exposure to viruses. We will also require students to allow La Salle to install a mandatory profile that blocks access to inappropriate content while utilizing the campus network. Teachers will help students understand the importance of developing responsible digital citizenship.