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Creation Stations

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This is a link to all of the Creation Stations that I use when training teachers about creative apps.  The QR pages are posted or on tables around the room.  The handouts will come up on the ipads as the teachers scan the QR code.  The handouts tell people about the app and the possibilites it has for teachers use.

When I use these in a training I ask teachers to go to one station.  Scan and read the handout.  Download the app and then try it out and actually create a product.  Make sure to model to teachers HOW to do this or they will just wander around the room scanning everything.  Have them stay at one station, working in small groups to support one another, until they have something created.  They will be expected to share their creations at the end of the time period. (15-45 minutes)

Finally use to create a wall for teachers to share their creations.  Have them take a screen shot of their creation and upload it to padlet.  Here is an example of teacher creations from my cadre workshop:

Creation Stations By Jennifer Gingerich

Based on the same idea you can create Collaboration Stations, or Sharing Stations.  Here are few more app station resources.


  • Flick (Google Drive link): Transfer content (similar to airdrop, but for older iOS)
  • Baiboard (Google Drive Link): Collaborative whiteboard
  • PixnTell (Google Drive link): Using imagery to tell a story
  • tackk: Beautiful webpages
  • Haiku Deck: Graphically stunning presentations
  • Phonto: Add words to an image