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iPad Bootcamp

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UPDATE:  New revisions have been made for iOS8 and iOS7.


I use a differentiated iPad Bootcamp approach when I am working with a beginning group of learners.  I also use this when I have a group that is varied in their iPad skills from newbies who just opened the iPad out of the box, to some who have had an iPhone for a while.  


  1. I verbally run through the stations quickly, not explaining how to perform the task(s), but with a visual on my slides and pointing to the stations that are taped up on the walls.  
  2. I ask them to start at whatever station they prefer and work their way around the stations.  
  3. Those that are experienced at the station tasks, I ask to help those around them. 


Depending on the group this can take 20-45 minutes. After the process I have them personally reflect on their take aways.

My colleague Jennifer Gingerich has adapted this and added some great additional steps.  I will try and explain and have her add to this resource.



  1. Line the group up from Penguins to Road Runners using the Birds of a Feather Strategy. Basically, Novice iPad user on the left to Advanced user on the right.
  2. Divide the group in the middle and have the middle person walk to the right.  Creating two lines of participants facing each other.  Have them partner.  
  3. Have the more advanced users start at iPad Stations (8 and above)  these are more advanced, like adding pdfs to your iBooks shelf.  That way they will loop the newer users and be able to help them.


Jillian Risher has updated our bootcamp for the new iOS8. You can view and print from Google.

Jeremy Macdonald has updated our bootcamp for the new iOS7 with graphic images. This version 3 is stored in Google Drive and is a bigger file.  You can download it here.

Jennie Hoffman has also updated to the new iOS7 with great directions.  Download that from Google.

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I used this technique with other PD. Such as, when we did our Synergy Training.

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I have added my versions of the ipad bootcamp stations.  One thing I try to have folks understand is that sometimes they will need to "figure something out" on the ipads.  This is their chance to read some directions, try and figure something out collaboratively.  I encourage them to work together and persevere to accomplish the task.  This will be a skill they will need outside of training.  They can also "Google" for more help if needed.