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iPad / iPod Resources from TCEA

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With more than 500,000 apps available for use on iOS devices like the iPad and iPod touch, how can you make a good decision about which ones are best for education? TCEA helps by testing and recommending great apps for the classroom. We regularly try out new apps and list those that make the grade in the shared document available here for iPad and here for iPod touch/iPhone. Apps are categorized into 46 different subject areas and 14 different personal use areas. 

Looking for free books for students in grades K-12 to read on the iPad and iPod touch? TCEA offers a list of recommended iBooks as well. Find the book title, author, a brief description, recommended grade level, and notes about any special features in the book.

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I also like the 'free must-have apps' lists. They can steer iPad beginners [parent, student, teacher, administrator] in the right direction.

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I agree with Annetta.  Thank you for sharing this as I, too, want to explore and share with teachers.

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I like how this is oroganized. I will spend some time with it and share with my teachers as we are rolling out iPads to them.