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Making Learning Mobile Project Report

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pair of studies— the first of their kind — found that tablets can make a difference in the learning habits of students.

The studies are part of a new Making Learning Mobile project, an attempt to quantify and qualify the benefits of mobile technology in education and the infrastructure needed to support mobile activities. The studies were conducted by Project Tomorrow and sponsored by Kajeet, a wireless service provider focused exclusively on kids and education. Funding was also provided by Qualcomm through its Wireless Reach initiative.

The studies put Android tablets in the hands of students and their teachers in two schools — eighth-graders at Stone Middle School in Fairfax County Public Schools and fifth-graders at Falconer Elementary School in Chicago Public Schools — and provided wireless access to the students both in school and away from school. (The devices were HTC Evo tablets.) Researchers then followed the students' activities over the course of a year, with the aim of evaluating "how access to these devices for communication with teachers and classmates increases comfort with technology, extends the learning day, and allows students to develop digital citizenship skills within a safe and secure learning environment."