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Mobile Technology Devices to Enhance Student Learning in Primary Classroom

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*Bemiss Elementary School, 2nd grade classroom

*Spokane Public Schools

*Tablet Technology to Enhance Literacy Learning

Overview:    Second grade students will enhance technological competencies through the use of tablet technology.  They will learn to navigate online web browsers to enhance and support daily learning with a focus on litearcy.  They will use builit in tech features to read digital text, listen to/respond to digitial text, highlight text for understanding, and make in text notation.  This instruction will be differentiated to meet the various needs of learners, including text to speech.  The teacher will follow student competencies/challenges in order to monitor and increase understanding.  Students will practice the writing process through drafting, revising, edtiting and publishing on line.  They will learn beginning keyboarding skills in preparation for the rigor and demands of 3rd grade. Our new litearacy curriculum has embedded tecnological components that we will incorporate into this tablet savvy classroom.  Also, the teacher will have enhanced communication with families and administrators regarding student behavioral progress and will thus have enhanced classroom management.