Staff Development Strategies

Stir Fry Apply

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Participants reflect on an actionable item or one key learning and share with others.


Time: 5 minutes

Materials: Paper, note cards, or stickies.


  1. Each participant records one to three most important key learning(s), or action ideas each on a separate note card, paper or stickie. (2 minutes)
  2. Put on music. They then get up and continuously exchange the cards, with each other, while the music plays.
  3. When time is up, stop the music. Make sure no one has their original cards, if they do, have them exchange with someone else.
  4. Have them take the cards that they currently have in their hands, and add at least two of those ideas to their notes or Action Plan. [Have them also include the ideas that they wrote down originally on their own 3 x 5 cards that have now been exchanged.]
Intended Audience: 
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I used this in my session as a closer with a few adjustments, mostly due to time restraints:

  1. Every participant writes two key learnings or ideas on just one card
  2. When the music starts, participants walk around and exchange cards -- without discussion
  3. Facilitator watches to be sure everyone has exchanged cards at least three times, then stops the music
  4. Participants go back to their seats, add any new ideas as well as their own to their notes