Staff Development Strategies

The strategies database is a place to find instructional strategies to use with adults or students, to deepen learning and engage the learner! 

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Four Things About Us

Sharing four things that are true about your life and journey as a way to bond and get to know each other.


Song Babble

Build group inclusion and have a hilarious time.


Key Learning and Muddiest Point

Use at the end of a learning segment or end of a workshop to get participants to reflect on the session. The strategy is especially useful when conducting a multi-day or multi-session workshop.



Activity Source:  International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

Challenge: The group must create assigned geometric shapes.


Travel Partners

Throughout the staff development, pair up seasons to discuss, collaborate or learn together. It is a great way to energize a group, along with collaboration and team building.



Objective: Team members must move from one side of a circle to the other as quickly as possible.


Birds of Feather

Using giant stickie pads participants organize themselves into interest groups to discuss, study or learn about topics of choice.  Can be used for meal discussions, or to organize presentation